You MUST come to Napa for MUSTARD season!

Posted on January 24th, 2017

Every year, towards the end of winter, vineyards are brimming with vibrant yellow throughout the Napa Valley. It is so incredibly breathtaking, it can only be described as magical. The magic of mustard.

The mustard plant grows wild but it is also planted by vineyard managers. This beautiful yellow plant is not just for show. It helps the bare grape vines thrive. As winter is wrapping up and the soil temperatures reach about 60 degrees, earthworms make themselves at home in the vineyards, with the intention of snacking on the vines. The presence of mustard seeds, which are very hot and release nitrogen, diverts their attention and the vines are unharmed. When the vines are ready for their final pruning before spring, the mustard plants will be cut down, and their remains create a rich mulch to continue to help the vines soak in nutrients.

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