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The Spa at the Napa River Inn

The Spa at the Napa River Inn


500 Main Street, Napa, CA 94559
(877) 251-8500 Toll Free

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Massage and Specialty Treatments

Ola Tropical Apothecary—NV Organics—Napa Valley Eu Naturel

Therapeutic Massage: Our therapeutic massage is geared towards meeting our guest’s personalized needs. Techniques include Swedish, Sports Therapies, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, etc. Therapists will focus on relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation, and freeing the nerves from impingement.
60 minutes: $120 75 minutes : $155 90 minutes: $185

Be Pampered Body Treatment: Sometimes a person just wants to be decadently pampered. Cool cucumber eye compress, dry exfoliation, hot oil treatment for hair and scalp, hot aromatic compresses and rich body butters combine to offer our guests a classic must have in decadent spa experience.
75 minutes: $165; 90 minutes: $195

Yogi Ohm: The Yogi Ohm Massage was created to satisfy the well-versed spa goer. Our Meridian Therapy provides a taste of Asian influence mixed with luxurious oils, gentle stretching and breathing techniques
75 minutes $165 90 minutes $195

Aloha Flow: Therapist use an infra-red light to warm the body as if the guest was under the healing rays of the sun. Warmed oils are applied to the body in long luxurious strokes inspired by the ancient temple art of Lomi Lomi massage coming only from the islands of Hawaii.
60 minutes: $130 75 minutes $165 90 minutes $195

Adjust your Frequency: Adjust your frequency massage is designed to pull the body, mind and spirit together, while releasing and easing muscle tension. Your therapist will use varying techniques mixed with massage to ignite your senses such as aromatherapy anointment, tuning forks and guided meditation/ chakra therapies.
75 minutes $165 90 minutes $195

Couple’s Massage: Enjoy a therapeutic massage in the same room as your partner. Two therapists perform synchronized massage techniques while a couple has the chance to relax and renew their bodies and minds together.
1 hr for 2 people $250


Michele’s Apothecary—NV Organics

Lavender Glow : Lavender offers you a healing skin treatment to lessen the signs of scarring, aging and sun-damage naturally, while increasing circulation and giving your body an all over glow. Vanilla or lavender body butter finishes this treatment sealing in moisture and assuring an all day glow.
45 minutes: $95

Rosemary Skin Tingle: The refreshing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects of rosemary mixed with the rejuvenating and cooling effects of mint are blended to stimulate and revive your skin, while evening your whole body’s complexion and re-nourishing our weathered vessels.
45minutes: $95

Grape Love Body Polish: Organic grapeseed oil and mill crushed grapeseeds are combined for an antioxidant based full body exfoliation. A rich Cabernet butter is massaged into a newly revitalized body for a perfect finish.
45 minutes: $95


Michele’s Apothecary—NV Organics

The Classic Wrap: We begin with a dry body brushing to prepare the skin and body for our Classic Wrap. Organic aloe and pure honey is mixed with rose clay and rose oil to create a sweet skin clarifying wrap designed to put your skin at ease. Followed by a rose body butter massage application.
60 minutes: $135

The CCC: Coconut, Coffee and Cocoa Wrap: A hand-milled sugar grain, vanilla and coffee exfoliation. A raw oat poultice softens and nourishes the skin before we layer on a thick cocoa full body mask in preparation for detoxifying heat and deep absorption. With a vanilla body butter massage application.
75 minutes: $165


Honey Girl—NV Organics—Skye Botanicals

Grape Love Antioxidant Facial: Vitamin A and C, and polphenols are the most powerful antioxidants. Napa Valley crushed grape seeds are the soul of this face and skin care line. We offer our guests the most authentic experience by introducing them to the extreme healing power hidden inside the grape!
75 minutes: $165

Nourishing Facial: Propolis, olive oil, rose and other essences are brilliantly blended to deeply nourish all skin types while releasing stress lines and dull areas of the complexion. Our nourishing facial leaves the skin feeling plumped and rejuvenated, as it cleans and revitalizes.
60 minutes: $135

Purify and Pamper Facial: Deep cleansing techniques are matched with the skill and scope of our skin therapists to purify the skin while botanical and oceanic extracts heal and tone. Helps tighten pores while deeply purifying the skin to bring back a youthful glow and age defying tone.
60 minutes: $135

Deeply Therapeutic Facial: Extra attention is given to help repair, alleviate and soothe existing imbalances and bring ultimate health to the skin. Specifically for rosacea, blotchiness, acne, scarring, psoriasis, etc. Includes extra time for extractions and a healing infra-red light therapy.
75 minutes: $170

Back or Chest Facial: Beautify and add an extra glow to your body by increasing blood-flow, deep cleansing and ultra healing. Includes infra-red light application.
30 minutes: $70

Waxing and Tinting

Brow wax: $35
Brow tint: $20
Eye-lash tint: $20
Lip or chin wax $20
If you are interested in additional waxing services, please inquire for availability


Extra Care Extractions: $15
Super skin-food treat: $10
Micro-dermabrasion smoothing and scar reducing treatment: $45
Infar-red ultra-healing upgrade: $15
Revitalizing rosemary, honey and olive oil hair and scalp therapy: $30
30 minute massage: $65
Luxury foot soak with milk, honey and roses: $20
Luxury foot soak, foot glow and massage: $50

Spa Packages

The Royal Treatment Package: Be the envy of the valley with this all-encompassing package. Includes our signature grapeseed foot bath, a full body massage, a grapeseed based exfoliation and wrap. This package is sealed with our deeply clarifying and antioxidant rich Grape Love facial.
Allow for 5 hours $425

The Flowers and the Bees, the Birds and the Trees Package: Get a milk and honey foot soak with rose petals, our lavender skin polish, a one hour aromatherapy treatment massage using our local essential oil anointment blends and a nourishing honey or botanical based facial and rosemary propolis scalp therapy.
Allow for 4 hours $340

Sweetly Tailored Package: Includes our luxury milk, honey and rose foot soak with exfoliation and foot massage, a 45 minute rosemary or lavender skin polish and a 30 minute therapeutic massage.
Allow for 2 hours $180

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