Behind the Scene: RiverHouse by Bespoke Collection

Posted on March 26th, 2018

RiverHouse, the Bespoke Collection flagship, offers the perfect combination of Bespoke’s wine, art, and design experiences.

Being the only tasting room on the river, along with offering a full art gallery for visitors to have their senses emboldened, the Bespoke Collection has found the ideal balance between the different experiences the Valley offers — all under one roof.

“We had bigger visions for what we wanted to do. The thought was to have different businesses that complemented each other, but were in different niches. We have art, we have furnishings, we have antiques, that all fit into ÆRENA Galleries. So that’s one of the major things. Then we have Blackbird Vineyards, which actually has four wine labels under it.”

All of these developments are under the umbrella of the Bespoke Collection, which even now, continues to expand what’s capable of one brand within the Valley.

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